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Alpha Jerusalem Marble Company was born in Hebron in the year 1975, offering a wide range of natural Stones, Marble and Granite. Within a short span of time, Alpha's business has evolved from a simple industry relaying mainly on manpower and workmanship, into a state of the art stone technology. The company kept maintaining the great experiences and workmanship of the elders, utilizing a full advantage of the important location of the factory in a very ancient and stone rich city of Hebron in the Holy Land.

The company's factory was built in Hebron in a land area of 15000 sqm. The Factory is equipped with the highly advanced stone cutting and processing machinery using the latest technology available. It is run by a very well trained and highly experienced production and quality control team to insure production speed and quality.

To face the complicated requirements of our customers and the increasing demand in the served and expected markets. Alpha built a new state of the art factory in Amman Jordan in the year 2003, on an area of 16500 sqm allowing the company to meet all the needs and varied requirements with highest quality standards.

Founders of Alpha-Jerusalem

Alpha Jerusalem Marbel Compnay was founded in 1975 by 2 brothers, Mr. Maher Jabari and Mr. Monther jabari, the compay is still managed by the 2 brotehrs, Mr. Maher Jabari is Manageing the Hebron Location and Mr. Monther is managing the Amman Location.


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